Unity of One Heart and One Consciousness.


Art by Securlia Potelli



The Ascension of Humans

WHY are we experiencing moments of complete hell one moment and then bliss and heaven the next? We are in a massive roller coaster of life. We are on this ride in the search for balance. We are shown each side of life to be told THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS. It is pain AND happiness. We are shown each side to the extreme so we may come to UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT each side and to see both sides give us something in benefit. We are ascending to balance not light.

We cannot ascend to LIGHT beings, we can only ascend to balance.  No such thing as true light beings because even they experience darkness and pain. Do the angels NOT feel the worlds pain?? They feel it as their own and they can feel it because they too are yin and yang.

Ascend to BALANCE.

Getting through life’s dark times.

People are always thinking about ways to become happy. We as humans are ADDICTED with happiness and pleasure.

We have to remember that life is NOT only about happiness. A friend has told me that happiness is not the point and it’s true. It IS ups and downs. It is about lesson, and with lesson comes darkness and pain..no other way.

There is no easy way to life. We must ride the waves and pass over the bumps in the road so we may gain from it wisdom, strength, and yes.. happiness.  

I’ve come to learn that with each kick, push, and punch of negativity&pain we get onto us, the closer to our light we are and the closer to freedom and strength we get ♥ ..Pain and darkness are in this with us.. THEY are the angels showing us the light.

YES we can make things easier on ourselves by accepting and understanding WHY hardship comes upon us instead of fighting it and by simply learning to RELAX. Take deep easy breaths all throughout this darkness that has come upon you. Know there is light at the end of it. Resisting hardship means resisting life and lesson.. so just relax and breathe.. we can make it through and we may gain what we may gain from it.

Soon we may be yelling at life to throw whatever it’s got on us knowing we can make it through anything. ♥

Love light and dark. Yin and yang.

Feng Shui

This is a picture of my room.. JUST finished cleaning  ..my room is super easy to clean, sometimes its just about picking up clothes from the floor.
Anyways.. i think my room shows how much i love interior design, i like to make my room become my sanctuary, and i want it to represent all of me. So, this is me. hahaha
I’m really interested in Feng Shui interior design, I’m still not sure if i want to study that or not. It’s either that, or open up my own metaphysical center in Venice Beach one day. It’s okay though..i have time 😉 haha for now interior design is just a hobby.